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Socially responsible tourism emerges as a light of positive change, transforming each trip into a unique opportunity to foster sustainable development and social inclusion. By choosing destinations that practice ecotourism and supporting local businesses, travelers not only enjoy authentic and enriching experiences but also contribute to the well-being of local communities. This approach promotes the preservation of biodiversity, securing water resources, respect for local cultures, and the generation of income that is reinvested in community projects.

Traveling with social and environmental responsibility means leaving a positive footprint in the places we visit, creating a legacy of respect, conservation, and hope for future generations.
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What does Positive Impact mean at Kimsa?

The tourism sector, especially comfort and luxury tourism, produces higher values of human footprint. Kimsa, aware of these impacts on nature, focuses on allocating resources to reduce and mitigate these impacts from our travelers. From Kimsa, we support local, national, and international initiatives in biodiversity conservation where work is done directly with local communities as priority allies.

Our Approachto to Positive Impact

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What is Accion Andina?

The Acción Andina program is a multinational initiative focused on restoring Andean forests through the reforestation of critical ecosystems such as the Queuña forests. This initiative aims to secure water resources for future generations, with a goal to reforest with 10 million trees, which is equivalent to 40 times the city of Nairobi.

What countries meet in Accion Andina?

The Acción Andina program involves countries such as Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador. The Andean Action model (reforesting to conserve biodiversity, capture carbon, and ensure water resources for the future) was initiated in Cusco, Peru.
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International Awards about Accion Andina

This initiative was awarded the "EarthShot Prize" in 2023, which was given as the only multinational program to restore critical ecosystems in Latin America. In 2024, this program has been awarded the "FlagShip," which was given as the program that greens the Andes of South America, awarded by UNEP

Your Travels support local NGO

Today, the Kimsa brand supports local organizations and projects based on nature and social projects. In addition, Kimsa provides constant support to entrepreneurs.
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Biological Conservation

Kimsa works hand in hand with the Institute for the Conservation of Endangered Species in biodiversity conservation. We focus on ecosystem restoration, carbon capture, and as resilience to climate change. We work in regions such as Cusco, Apurimac, and Puno.

Local Communities

All projects supported by Kimsa have a direct impact on rural and local communities, who are our main partners and direct beneficiaries of every conservation initiative. This allows the ecosystem restoration and conservation programs to be successful over time.
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