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Our History

Kimsa Travel Agency was founded in 2010 by Sori Aymachoqque, who wanted to showcase the community experiences and tourism that are not commonly shown. As an expert in South American destinations such as Peru, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, and Ecuador, she was able to closely know those activities and experiences that are generally not accessible. Upon returning to Peru, she focused on creating customized itineraries where travelers can experience rural tourism, as long as travelers can support the conservation of natural resources. Kimsa Travel initially focused on selling tours to Machu Picchu and Cusco, then on domestic destinations in Peru, and nowadays sells tours in South America; and intends to continue growing

Our Ethos

In 2015, the Kimsa brand began its activities in international destinations, starting with its participation in the international luxury tourism event held in Cartagena, Colombia. Following this event, numerous international luxury tourism brands were interested in B2B services with the Kimsa brand. Today, Kimsa works with various agencies and travel agents
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local communties
In 2021, Kimsa began working with local communities in the south of Peru (Cusco, Puno, and Arequipa), with the aim of starting relationships and preparing products and services for travelers, where non-traditional activities and experiences are carried out. Since then, itineraries that include Peru visit these rural and communal projects.
In 2023, the Kimsa brand supported the Acción Andina program, a multinational initiative where participating countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina, aim to support the conservation of biodiversity, and ensure the water resource for future generations. This support is carried out through the Institute for the Conservation of Endangered Species based on Cusco, Peru.
accion andina program