private luxury travel

Private Luxury Travel

Exclusive Family Adventures Crafted with Luxury

Private journeys are uniquely tailor-made experiences from start to finish, embodying the epitome of luxury and comfort specifically catered by Kimsa Travel for families, couples, honeymoons, and weddings. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled comfort down to every meticulous detail, ensuring splendid experiences across the Andes, in every city, and every country we serve. The cornerstone of our service is the precious commodity of time, granting you the liberty to select activities that align perfectly with your interests. As we curate your journey, we focus on creating a seamless blend of breathtaking landscapes, vibrant city life, and the serene beauty of untouched destinations, choose among Peru, Bolvia, or Ecuador, all while keeping your personal preferences at the forefront. Our itineraries are crafted to not only meet but exceed your expectations, transforming your travel into a series of memorable and deeply personal moments. With Kimsa Travel, every aspect of your trip is designed with an eye for excellence, venturing beyond the conventional to introduce you to new, extraordinary experiences that resonate with your unique taste.
private luxury travel in south america or latin america