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Luxury Tailor Made Travel

Customized Journeys of Elegance and Exclusivity

Tailored from beginning to end, Kimsa's luxury private tours are always designed with the most crucial element in mind: You. By collaborating with either you or your travel advisor, we delve into understanding the type of luxury holidays that delight you and your specific travel desires in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Consequently, we meticulously select every remarkable destination across South America, genuine local experiences, and opulent accommodations to align with your interests, ensuring each day unfolds into an adventure you'd never want to conclude, be it exploring the world's wonders or embarking on cruises through the Amazon or the Galapagos. Moreover, you have the freedom to travel with a group of your choice, on a timeline that suits you best, while experiencing each location through the eyes of local guides who bring a unique and personal insight into every day.
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