Luxury Trekking to Ausangate

Trekking the picturesque trails of Ausangate.

Ausangate, Peru's beautiful mountain, is situated around 100 kilometers southeast of Cusco. As the tallest peak in the Cusco area, it attracts many hikers and mountaineers. It stands at an altitude of 6,372 meters above sea level. The terrain consists primarily of high altitude meadows, rocky peaks, and glaciers, and the mountain summit is frequently blanketed in snow. Additionally, the native Quechua people revere this peak as the spiritual epicenter from where their god sprang.

A breathtaking journey across glacial lakes, snow-capped mountains, and rainbow-colored landscapes.

The greatest way to enjoy Ausangate is to do a multi-day journey around the mountain. This gives guests the opportunity to go through high-altitude passes and visit some of the traditional agricultural towns that are located in the area. The trekkers will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the mountain topped with snow, and they will get the opportunity to observe some of the rare animals that lives in the region, such as vicunas, llamas, and alpacas.

Even those who don't have the time for a multi-day hike may still get a glimpse of the breathtaking scenery that Ausangate has to offer by going on a trip that just lasts for a single day. These excursions include stops at some of the most popular attractions in the area, such as the Ausangate hot springs, the stunning Apu Ausangate temple, and the famous Ausangate glacier. You may also keep yourself occupied with a variety of activities, such as going horseback riding, viewing birds, or fishing in any of the lakes that are close by.

Luxury Accommodation at Ausangate Trekking

In Ausangate Trekking, there are numerous amazing locations to stay. Here are a few of our favorites, as chosen by our travel specialists.

Ausangate Trekking

Chillca Tambo

This magnificent, four-star hotel is situated in the lush foothills of Ausangate in Peru and offers guests a luxurious and tranquil escape from their everyday lives. The hotel spans two stories, with the top floor offering stunning views of the Ausangate mountain range and the nearby lake. Each of the 24 rooms is modern and spacious and feature either a king-size bed, two queen-size beds, or a single bunk bed. Every room includes complimentary Wi-Fi, a flat-screen television, a private bathroom, and a mini fridge. 


Ausangate Trekking

Machuraccay Tambo

Machuraccay Tambo luxury hotel is located within the stunning mountain range of Ausangate. This luxury hotel features modern, yet minimalist, adobe-style architecture, offering a comfortable and sustainable stay. The guest rooms come with either two double beds or one king-size bed, and a private terrace with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Guests can enjoy a range of services, such as private cooking classes, yoga classes, and traditional massage treatments, as well as private dining plans and the hotel’s own restaurant. The hotel also features a natural outdoor swimming pool, lush gardens, and a library. 


Ausangate Trekking

Anantapata Tambo

The Anantapata Tambo Hotel is a luxurious accommodation in the Ausangate region of Peru, located in the Andes Mountains. Nestled between stunning snow-capped peaks and vibrant terraced valleys, this stylish hotel offers impeccable hospitality and a variety of guest amenities. Guests can enjoy the hotel's beautiful gardens, a restaurant and bar, a fitness room, and a full-service spa. The hotel also features an on-site helipad and a hot spring pool. 


Ausangate Trekking

Huampococha Tambo

Perched atop a sprawling hilltop, Huampococha Tambo is a secluded luxury hotel located in the sacred landscape of the Ausangate mountain range. Part of the majestic Cordillera Vilcanota, the highest mountain range in Cusco and Peru, it is surrounded by breathtaking snow-capped mountains and beautiful lagoons. With its magnificent views, Huampococha Tambo offers guests the chance to experience the wonders of the Andes in the utmost comfort and serenity. 


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