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Choquequirao is a mountaintop archeological site that provides breathtaking panoramas over the surrounding mountains and jungles, making it an ideal travel destination for daredevils. Travelers may either take a cable car to the peak of the mountain and explore the breathtaking scenery from there, or they can climb the challenging routes to the ancient ruins. Although the routes are difficult, the rewards of reaching the summit are well worth the effort.

Choquequirao is a hidden gem in Peru, with fascinating Incan ruins.

Choquequirao is the highest archaeological site in Peru, at an elevation of 3,000 meters (9,843 feet). It was the last Inca fortress. Visitors may walk in the same paths as the Inca soldiers who fought against the Spanish invaders and preserved these remains. The ruins have a long and interesting history that might shed light on the secrets of Inca culture.

As well as Inca terraces and other constructions, the ruins are home to the world-famous Temple of the Sun, the biggest temple of the Incas. Tunnels and aqueducts that brought water to the Incas are also open to visitors. Because of their dark and cramped conditions, visitors are advised to bring a flashlight.

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