Private Trekking along Lares Trail

Hike the ancient Lares Trail through the Peruvian Andes.

The Lares Trek is an excellent opportunity to experience Peru's interior and escape the bustle of the cities. It is a moderately difficult task, as there are a few steep ascents, but it is also incredibly rewarding. Along the trip, you will see a variety of breathtaking natural settings, including snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear glacial lakes, and rolling hills. In Cusco, you will also get the opportunity to see Andean communities where inhabitants still wear traditional clothing and speak Quechua.

The Lares Trail is a breathtaking trek to Machu Picchu.

The warm reception from the locals is the highlight of the Lares Trek. There are several chances to travel to rural areas and engage with the inhabitants there. This is an excellent method of learning about the customs and history of Peru.

The breathtaking views of the Huacahuasi Valley and the snow-capped peak of Veronica are the highlight of the Lares Trek. On the third day, you'll reach the trek's highest point, which also serves as your entrance to the stunning Sacred Valley. The Lares Trail is the best way to take in Peru's natural wonders and vibrant culture. Submerge yourself in the great outdoors and be inspired by the gorgeous scenery. There is no better way to escape the tourist traps and experience real life in Peru.

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