Luxury Northern Peru Amazon Cruises

Cruising the Amazon in Peru is an epic adventure

The natural splendor of Peru may be experienced to its fullest on a cruise along the Amazon River, which is one of the greatest ways to do it. A cruise in the Amazon in Peru will take you through the gorgeous rivers and canals of the Amazon, where you will see amazing animals, verdant jungles, and fascinating settlements as you make your way through the Amazon.

An Amazon river trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Pink freshwater dolphins, toucans, macaws, and caimans are just some of the unusual animals that may be seen on Amazon cruises, making for an amazing experience. The Amazon is home to a wide variety of people and animals, and cruises offer a rare opportunity to see and learn about some of these communities and inhabitants.

The Peruvian Amazon Basin, home to some of the world's most pristine rainforests and remarkable biodiversity, is just one of the stunning destinations you'll see on a trip through the Peruvian Amazon. When you visit the Yagua, Secoya, and Achuar villages, you may learn more about the local culture. The possibilities for outdoor pursuits including kayaking, hiking, and animal watching are extensive.

Luxury Accommodation at Northern Peru Amazon Cruises

In Northern Peru Amazon Cruises, there are numerous amazing locations to stay. Here are a few of our favorites, as chosen by our travel specialists.

Northern Peru Amazon Cruises

Delfin I Amazon Cruise

The Mega yacht features eight beautifully-appointed suites, each with air-conditioning, private bathrooms and windows to let in plenty of natural light. There are two master suites, two junior suites and four suites, each of which has a private terrace, a lounge area and complimentary Wi-Fi. Additional comforts include private butler service, daily housekeeping and a 24-hour room service. 


Northern Peru Amazon Cruises

Delfin II Amazon Cruise

The Delfin II Amazon Cruise is a floating five-star hotel experience, where guests can explore the Peruvian Amazon from the comfort of their own personal paradise. This luxurious vessel offers top-of-the-line accommodations, with 14 well-appointed suites, a grand living room, and an observation deck to take in the sights of the Amazon. This floating oasis also features two dining areas, a bar, a gym and spa, and its own private harbor, ensuring guests have all the creature comforts of home while venturing into one of the world's most remote regions. 


Northern Peru Amazon Cruises

Delfin III Amazon Cruise

The Delfin III Amazon Cruise is a luxurious adventure through the Amazon River aboard a modern motorized yacht. Richly-appointed spacious cabins are outfitted with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and comfortable bedding. As you enjoy the luxurious accommodations, you will also explore the wonders of the Amazon River with expert naturalist guides. Delfin III is a perfect riverboat for discovering the unique flora and fauna of the area, and its on-board spa offers an array of treatments and massages so that you can fully relax as you journey through the rainforest. 

The Delfin III Amazon Cruise offers an unforgettable experience. You will get to visit villages, tribes, and fishing settlements that have been around for generations, and experience the culture and traditions of these communities. On the boat’s observation deck, you will be able to observe the exotic wildlife from a safe distance and soak in the beauty of the Amazon River. With its knowledgeable guides, comfortable amenities, and excellent service, the Delfin III Amazon Cruise ensures that you will have a truly memorable experience. 


Northern Peru Amazon Cruises

Aria Amazon

The Aria Amazon is a luxurious floating lodge that offers a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the Amazon River. Guests of the Aria Amazon will enjoy the comfort and convenience of a modern hotel while they take in the breathtaking views of the lush rainforest and exotic wildlife. This elegant vessel offers a memorable journey complete with all the amenities of a five-star resort, including luxurious accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and soothing spa treatments. 


Northern Peru Amazon Cruises

Aqua Nera

The cruise is operated by Aqua Expeditions, a world leader in luxury cruise experiences. The luxurious cruise is designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience for travelers, with breathtaking panoramic views offered from the expansive sun deck. The interior of the ship provides guests with high-quality food and refreshments, as well as more intimate spaces to relax and have meaningful conversations. Guests are also welcomed to explore nature while visiting the Amazon rainforest, with activities such as kayaking, fishing, and swimming available. 


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