10 Things You Must Do on a Galapagos Luxury Vacation

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Every time they come on a lavish vacation to the Galapagos Islands, nature lovers and adventurers are astounded by this special paradise in the Pacific. The Galapagos Islands are a treasure trove of unique species and ecosystems, making them an extraordinary spot for both scientific study and eco-tourism in Ecuador. Fascinated by Galapagos' oddball critters, Darwin's studies there were crucial in piecing together his revolutionary evolution theory. Spectacles such as tropical penguins and enormous tortoises draw visitors from far and wide to the Galapagos. In addition, anyone seeking a peaceful, secluded area to unwind will find it along the beautiful shoreline. On a lavish vacation to the Galapagos Islands, you shouldn't miss a thing while you're having the experience of a lifetime.

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See Genovesa Island from Above

With around 56 native species, including 45 endemic and 29 migratory birds, the Galapagos Islands are a famous paradise for birdwatchers. Genovesa was nicknamed "Bird Island" because to the abundance of unique bird species that can be observed there. Trekking along Prince Philip's Steps, you'll be immersed in the natural spectacle of Bird Island's vibrant five-mile expanse, a haven for its unique feathered residents. The island's avian diversity delights visitors. In just one journey, visitors have the opportunity to view a Galapagos hawk, Galapagos mockingbirds, spectacular frigates, Nazca and red-footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, storm petrels, and countless more.

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Sail with Deathly whales

The waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands are home to more than 20 distinct whale species. Drawn by the sanctuary's strong safeguards and bountiful food supply, a diverse array of whale species converges on the Galapagos Marine Reserve. Blue, sperm, humpback, orca, and Bryde's whales are all on the radar of Galapagos whale watchers. Some of these whales visit the islands occasionally, while others remain year-round. While cruising through the Galapagos during whale watching season, guests who are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures may want to keep their cameras ready. 


Typically, the months of June through November are prime time to see Galapagos whales in the marine reserve, and the passage between Isabela and Fernandina islands is the ideal place to see whale activity. Ocean nomads like whales can go to warmer waters at any time of year to feed, and in the Galapagos, that means the winter. Orcas, Bryde's, and sperm whales are among the whale species that can be seen in Galapagos waters at any time of year, but there is no guarantee when it comes to Galapagos whale watching.

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Observe enormous turtles up close

The Galapagos Islands and the Seychelles are the only two locations on Earth where you can see giant tortoises. After spending some time in the Galapagos, you'll begin to treat a field of these ancient creatures like a herd of cows back home. 


Experience up-close encounters with these gigantic creatures in the Galapagos Islands—but not too close, because there are only around 15,000 of them left in the wild and the Ecuadorian government is very strict about protecting them. Several tortoise subspecies have landed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's danger lists, flagged as endangered or teetering on the brink of extinction. The Galapagos species' extraordinary persistence in the face of years of human invasion is on full display when one sees them in person.

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San Cristóbal Harbor: A Place to Relax

A break is just what you need to immerse yourself in the laid-back Galapagos Islands culture and rhythm. Sip a strong Ecuadorian coffee on the terrace of one of the many charming pastel-colored cafés lining the waterfront in San Cristobal.

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loat along with hammerhead sharks

Though the Galapagos Islands are home to hundreds of sharks, visitors need not be alarmed; the abundance of fish in the area has prevented any shark attacks on humans. Diving among the serene reef sharks and gentle hammerheads at the islands' hotspots offers a peaceful underwater experience.

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Ballon Bar and Limón y Café Salsa Dancing

With only 25,000 people calling the islands home, nightlife may get a little sluggish after sundown. However, there are plenty of watering holes where you can meet locals, pick some salsa moves, and immerse yourself in island culture. Bongo Bar and Limón y Café are two spots where you may see salsa dance. These and other popular pubs can be found along Avenida Charles Darwin in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz; after a day of island sightseeing, you'll be ready for a wild night on the town.

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Locate the blue-footed bobbleheads

One of the most recognizable animals in the Galapagos Islands is the blue-footed booby, so called because of its distinctively blue feet. In order to woo potential mates, males flaunt their feet and go around with an exaggerated air of superiority; the bluer the feet, the more desirable the male. Get your camera ready to capture those striking blue-footed booby dances – it's a sight unique to the Galapagos and one you won't want to miss! Photographing one of these animals during your opulent Galapagos Islands vacation will provide you with a keepsake that is exclusive to this region.

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Ascend Sierra Nevada Volcano.

The collapse of a shield volcano's summit, as seen in the Galapagos Islands, creates a basaltic caldera. Among the Galapagos, the Sierra Negra volcano is home to the biggest basaltic caldera. Viewing beautiful landscapes must rank high among the many things to do in the Galapagos Islands. Marvel at breathtaking vistas while you may see seven different kinds of finches. The most recent eruption of Sierra Negra occurred almost a month ago, from June 27th to August 23rd, 2018. Stay vigilant for any subtle aftermath Sierra Negra's eruption might have left behind.

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Explore the Galapagos by Scuba

There is an abundance of marine life around the islands, and you don't even have to go diving to see it. Join the lazy green sea turtles and gliding rays for a swim by donning a snorkel and jumping in. Scuba diving in the Galapagos is a must-do; you'll be blown away by the crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine creatures. Many of the islands offer diving opportunities, but there are a handful that really shine as diving paradises. The most popular one is Darwin Island. 


Get ready to be amazed by the bizarre geologic formations and exotic wildlife that call Darwin Island, Galapagos, home. An absolute must-visit for scuba divers, El Arco boasts world-class diving at one of the top sites. Santa Cruz Island is home to a breathtaking flamingo lagoon, mangrove forest, and the Charles Darwin Research Station; Roca Redonda is known for its shark congregation around an underwater volcano.

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Take a Spa Break in Finch Bay Galapagos

The definition of true luxury is having the opportunity to fully immerse oneself in a new location, partake in unforgettable adventures, and then unwind in the hotel's spa. Indulge in a unique custom spa experience in the Galapagos Islands. Refresh and gear up for your adventure with a personalized mix of tranquil spa services, including calming massages, revitalizing facials, and private yoga practices. 


Guests at Finch Bay Galapagos, one of the islands' most opulent hotels, can indulge in a holistic experience that incorporates volcanic stones, sea salt, and Palo Santo tree oils into cutting-edge treatment methods, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the archipelago.

Embark on an epic Ecuador luxury tour where wellness retreats meet wild explorations, all wrapped in a history-rich, luxurious getaway you'll never forget. Indulge in a personalized, luxurious journey to the Galapagos Islands with the assistance of our expert travel planners.

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