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How to Choose the Perfect Luxury Amazon Cruise



Embark on an extraordinary expedition to the most biodiverse region on earth, delving deeply into the pristine rainforest of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Amidst a region renowned for its unparalleled biodiversity, the largest rainforest in the world presents travelers with an abundance of opportunities to engage in one of the most gratifying wildlife expeditions. ​ Especially in the dense Amazon Rainforest, where the majority of Peru is engulfed in jungle, a luxury Amazon cruise is frequently the only viable method to explore the area.


In addition to accommodating 32 passengers in its opulent interiors, the Aria Amazon Cruise features sixteen oversized suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and California-king-sized mattresses. Imagine yourself overlooking the night sky from the observation deck or enjoying a pisco sour while lounging in the shady outdoor lounge. While sipping a local craft beer in the outdoor Jacuzzi, indulge in a relaxing massage in the onboard massage room, or engage in vigorous physical activity in the fitness center.


Safari encounters with the Amazon's most cherished inhabitants, such as poison dart frogs and pink river dolphins, biking through Amazonian wetlands, kayaking on the river, piranha fishing, ziplining, and canopy walks, among many other exclusive activities, make this the cruise of a lifetime for adventure enthusiasts. You'll be able to unwind in style following a day of exploring the Amazon Rainforest, as all meals, premium wines, and beverages are included in the all-inclusive activities.


In the midst of the Peruvian Amazon, the Aqua Nera Cruise provides an unforeseen sanctuary of warmth. Twenty suites feature spacious interiors and a modern design with hints of the vibrant cultures of Portugal, Spain, and Peru. Four sets of interconnecting rooms are included in this count. Outdoor loungers are also located at the head and stern of the riverboat, among other communal areas. At two bars—one located outdoors and the other within the lounge—unique concoctions can be enjoyed. In addition, there is a gym with floor-to-ceiling windows and a private screening room featuring a selection of classic Amazon-set films. To calm, visit the spa and schedule an appointment for a soothing massage, or jump into the outdoor infinity plunge pool.


The Aqua Nera's five-star menu, curated by consulting chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, will undoubtedly be an attraction of the voyage. Skillfully transforming indigenous ingredients into multisensory experiences, Schiaffino, one of Peru's most renowned chefs, is devoted to the Amazon's cuisine and culinary traditions. ​ During these excursions, local inhabitants of the Amazon Rainforest will be introduced to the ship's operations.


The Zafiro Suite features a balcony and a floor-to-ceiling, front-facing window that overlooks the entire atmosphere from an angle of 180 degrees. Outdoor and interior communal spaces abound beyond the confines of your suite. Prior to settling into a sunchair on the outdoor lounge or soaking in the Jacuzzi pool, proceed to the outdoor bar for a local beer.


Concerned parents can have peace of mind knowing that Zafiro offers a specialized children's program brimming with Amazon Rainforest-related activities and unique mementos. In order for the entire family to remain together, family suites include two pairs of connecting suites. With daily excursions catering to all family members and a maximum of ten passengers per tour guide, each guide is specially trained to work with children. In the event that a member of the family becomes ill or injured while on board, families can rest assured that a paramedic is available around-the-clock to provide complimentary medical examinations.


Parental engagement opportunities are just as abundant as children's activities. In the indoor reading lounge or at the indoor bar, one may indulge in a cocktail or spend some time sucked away from the excitement. A culinary extravaganza takes place in the dining room situated on the second terrace. For an authentic culinary experience, the chef aboard the ship crafts one-of-a-kind dishes using indigenous ingredients. Engage in some extravagance by scheduling a massage or working off the calories from a decadent meal in the ship's fitness center.


The Delfin I Cruise introduces a level of luxury that surpasses all your expectations for an Amazon vacation; it is an ideal vessel for couples commemorating a momentous occasion. Despite having only four accommodations for eight privileged guests, this 67-foot Relais & Chateaux boutique ship is anything but a petite vessel. You are assured of an unparalleled experience in opulence and comfort, accompanied by lavish amenities and expansive suites. Private terraces are featured in each suite of the Delfin I, which also features panoramic windows that let in the natural environment. A protected area to observe wildlife during the day while avoiding the sun's rays is the covered observation platform. Embrace the nocturnal sounds of the jungle while returning at night with a glass of wine. An optional private plunge pool is available in the deluxe master suite for couples.


The visitation experience is further enhanced in terms of romance through excursions and activities such as yoga on the terrace, wildlife photography, farm-to-table cuisine, and intimate floating breakfasts. Request a romantic candlelight supper for two on your terrace during the evening via the ship's intercom. Ideal for honeymooners and couples commemorating a lifetime of love, the Delfin I features opulently proportioned suites, five-star cuisine, and a fully equipped bar.


In fact, Delfin II Cruise is the sole vessel in the Amazon with this esteemed accreditation, joining its sister ships. Its 14 cabins of luxury riverboat design and five-star Relais Chateaux service captivate passengers. Embark on an unparalleled expedition cruise along the Amazon River, departing from the port of Nauta, deep within the Peruvian Amazon, while immersed in the vessel's casual sophistication.


While playing board games in the lecture hall, you and your companions may drink wine by the fireplace. In the open-air lounge on the third deck, quench your thirst with a craft cocktail or organic brew. In that establishment, patrons are consistently met with a willing bartender, while the space fosters invigorating gusts. Wellness philosophies of the local cultures are reflected in the spa's massages and therapies. Utilize the onboard paddle boards and kayaks, or proceed to the exercise room to perform yoga or cardiovascular exercises, if your group is looking for a more active activity. You will be encouraged to investigate the Maraon and Ucayali Rivers in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve via optional activities facilitated by naturalist guides as you traverse the wilderness.


Amazon cruise-style self-care. The Delfin III Cruise is the only vessel you need to consider for a luxurious cruise that guarantees relaxation, gentle activity, and well-being. The Amazon rainforest is harmoniously blended with five-star luxury aboard the Delfin III. Yoga on the sun veranda each morning, followed by a refreshing dip in the plunge pool. A massage, a soothing avocado wrap, or a coffee-cacao scrub are all bound to captivate and enchant you at the spa. The onsite restaurant, which serves healthy on-board meals with roasted meats, tropical fruits, and fresh fish, and provides a wellness room, gym, and onboard massage room, will ensure that your mind and body remain in good health during your stay. Additionally, the on-site restaurant features local ingredients.


Participate in events such as a cultural performance or lesson on Peruvian cuisine. The impeccable harmony between the sustainable hardwoods and opulent comfort of the Delfin III and the Amazon rainforest's abundant biodiversity and natural splendor is achieved. The Delfin III awaits your voyage, as it is suitable for an extensive variety of passengers.

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