Safe Travel to Peru

Is It Safe to Travel to Peru in 2023

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POST DATE:  January 18, 2023

It is typically safe to visit Peru and Machu Picchu. The U.S. Department of State has issued a Level 2 travel advice for Peru, advising American citizens to take higher levels of caution while visiting the country. The same precautions against petty crime, lost or stolen belongings, and other dangers should be taken as with any destination.

However, the most up-to-date information and recommendations for travel to Peru can be found on the websites of both the U.S. Department of State and the Peruvian government. If you're planning a trip to Peru or to see Machu Picchu, you should also double-check with your airline or travel agent for any relevant modifications or limitations. The riskiness of a trip might rise or fall depending on a number of variables. Do your homework, make a detailed itinerary, and be aware of any potential dangers before, during, and after your trip.

Peru's political crisis

What's Happened?

Even the man's closest friends and family were caught off guard by how quickly the problem escalated.

President Pedro Castillo, a 53-year-old former school teacher from a modest rural background who was elected on a wave of disgust with conventional politics in 2021, gave a surprise address to the nation on 7 December.

He proclaimed the dissolution of Congress and the installation of a "extraordinary emergency administration" with clearly trembling hands as he read from a script.

There is now a national emergency, which he also declared. The president claimed the action was taken to restore democracy and the rule of law.

What kind of reaction did the Peruvians have?

Mr. Castillo's attempt to dissolve Congress was met with widespread criticism, with some even using the word "autocratic" to describe it.

It was likened to President Alberto Fujimori's "autogolpe" (Spanish for "self-coup") in 1992, in which he effectively disbanded Congress and the judiciary with the support of the military.

While many are relieved Mr. Castillo was unsuccessful, they are worried about what comes next.

There is still a lot of frustration with the current Congress, and there have been some violent protests that have resulted in calls for new general elections.

What next for Travel to Peru?

The political situation in Peru has not improved. Upon taking office, Dina Boluarte said that she would remain in office until Mr. Castillo's term expired in July 2026.  Ms. Boluarte recommended moving the elections up by two years, to April 2024, five days later, on the 12th of December. On the 14th of December, she proposed moving up the election date to December 2023. 

With protests breaking out around the country since she took office, the defense minister declared a 30-day state of emergency on the 14th of December as her top priority. Every demonstrator murdered in skirmishes with the security forces is likely to inflame the rage of Mr. Castillo's followers even further. 

Those who are unable to go where they like and whose jobs are threatened by the demonstrations are also growing impatient. President Boluarte urged Peruvians during her inauguration for space and time to unite the country, but she is increasingly unlikely to receive either.

Contact your airline or travel agent if you need to change your itinerary and visit Peru. Changes to your flight's date or destination can be possible without incurring any additional fees, depending on the airline you're flying with. Get in touch with the hotel to find out if they have any cancellation options. Prior to making any plans to reschedule your trip to Peru including Machu Picchu Tours, you should check into the country's entrance procedures, such as visas.