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Dive into the splendor of South America, where your journey is graced with both luxury and supreme comfort.

Kimsa Travel Agency mission and goals


Kimsa Travel Agency, established in 2000, has become a distinguished name in luxury South American travel. Named for the Quechua word for "three," it reflects their commitment to exclusivity, personalization, and authenticity. Initially focusing on Peru, the agency expanded to cover all of South America, offering bespoke luxury journeys and gaining recognition for its immersive, culturally rich itineraries.

Your Journey Begins with the Best Decision

Your Journey Begins with the Best Decision

Indulge in luxury travel with Kimsa, your gateway to unforgettable South American adventures. Our bespoke journeys promise exclusivity and cultural richness. Elevate your travel experience with us - embark on a journey beyond the ordinary. Explore with Kimsa, where luxury meets discovery

Journeys and Customized Cruises

Journeys and Customized Cruises

Embark on luxury journeys and customized cruises that redefine travel.



Explore Destinations in South America

Spend time with premium experiences and gold VIP access

Travel to Peru


Private journey to discover the wonder of the world

Travel to Ecuador


Landscape of volcanoes, Galapagos Island, and unique wildlife

Travel to Bolivia


Exciting Luxury Tours in the high Andes

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