hotel Costa del Sol Arequipa
Arequipa | Peru

Costa del Sol Arequipa

The Costa del Sol Arequipa is a luxurious hotel in Arequipa that strives to offer its guests an unforgettable stay.

The Costa del Sol Arequipa hotel is located at the heart of Arequipa, surrounded by majestic views of volcanoes, in a comfortable and modern urban setting. It offers a variety of services and amenities for its guests, ranging from a restaurant and bar, to a fitness center and a spa. All of its rooms are equipped with plenty of modern amenities, such as air conditioning, flat screen TVs, free WiFi, and private balconies with views. Guests can also enjoy a variety of activities within the hotel, such as horseback riding, kayaking, and zip-lining. 


At the Costa del Sol Arequipa, guests can enjoy a luxurious experience, sure to make their stay in Arequipa unforgettable. From the stunning views of the volcanoes, to the modern amenities, and luxurious services, the guests are sure to be impressed. Whether looking for a relaxing stay or a more adventurous one, the Costa del Sol Arequipa has something for everyone. 



  • A gym, spa, and outdoor pool

  • Horseback riding, kayaking, and zip-lining activities

  • Private balconies with beautiful views of the volcanoes

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