Luxury Travel to Manu Amazon Biosphere

Hosts millions of species and preserves unique ecosystems

The Manu Biosphere Reserve is located in the southeastern region of Peru near Cusco, and it is one of the country's most spectacular tourist destinations. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is renowned for its diverse environment, abundant animals, and breathtaking scenery.

Manu set off on an incredible adventure to see the world.

Three separate zones make up the Manu Biosphere Reserve: the Cultural Zone, the Reserved Zone, and the buffer zone. Visitors may explore the Cultural Zone, while many of the wonderful animals that live in the region are protected in the Reserved Zone. The buffer zone serves to separate the two zones and prevents people from entering the more sensitive sections.

Outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy activities like hiking, kayaking, and whitewater rafting at the Manu Biosphere Reserve. Wildlife viewing, fishing, and exploring the local neighborhoods are all options for tourists. Visitors may find a fantastic place to stay at one of the many hotels or motels in the region.

Luxury Accommodation at Manu Amazon Biosphere

In Manu Amazon Biosphere, there are numerous amazing locations to stay. Here are a few of our favorites, as chosen by our travel specialists.

Manu Amazon Biosphere

Manu Wildlife Center

The Manu Wildlife Center Luxury Lodge is the ultimate experience for travelers looking for a luxurious stay immersed in nature. This luxury hotel is located within the Manu Biosphere Reserve, one of the most bio-diverse and untouched places on Earth. Its beautiful natural environment is equipped with modern amenities, eco-friendly features and the best services to make their stay unforgettable. Guests can enjoy peaceful moments in the luxurious pool, restaurant with a view, bar or even the stylish spa. 


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